The French producer Sandór Waïss write a new chapter in his career and expand his art through his very personal vision of modern music.. Broken Blue is a musical and cinematographic journey, offering thoughtful insights into the human condition, with a musical intensity that mixes pop and electronic music and switches between the tragic and the sublime. A contemplative vision on the different aspects of human life, where the Beauty and the Cruel constantly meet.



My name is Laia. I was born here, under the silence of the blue Sky. I work on the land with my family. We’ve been here for generations, one after the other, like the plants that we grow. Time slowly harvests us, one by one, like the leaves that we gather. The Land starves us as much as it feeds us, and we give back as much as we take from her. Everything seems unchangeable, enshrined in Nature, in the order of things... And yet, as everything compels us to accept it, there isn’t a second that goes by without me feeling eaten away by the suffering of those I love, without every fragment of my soul being enraged at this blind Sky


« My name matters not, I don't concern myself with the praise or blame. As a matter of fact, people only call me "Chief". In this regard, I'm immortal. You can kill me but you'll never kill what I am: this imperious need for order and hierarchy that will always end up prevailing. Of course, you all have your own opinions; what would be fair, what would be better, what you would do if you were in my shoes... Everything that your frustrated wishes and instincts breathe in you, elated by your weakness and imagination. Unable to face this reality that eludes you as much as it subdues you. Unable to look the world in the eyes. »

ACT III : Broken Blue

« My name is Dante. I have dreams but I don’t tell them to anyone. My sister Laia says that they must be kept secret in order to protect them. That our dreams and memories are our most precious treasures, the only ones that can’t be taken away from us. But we have to protect them, because just like people, dreams argue and fight with each other. The Sky cannot grant them all. My Dad says that we shouldn't resent the Sky, that He’s looking for the best solution for everyone at the same time, for every soul of the Earth. Laia is mad at the Sky. She says that a world so unfair and cruel shouldn’t have such a beautiful blue Sky, a Sky so full of hope. My Dad says the world would be unbearable if the Sky wasn't blue »